A Taste of Porto

A Taste of Porto

It’s our first full day in Porto, which just happens to be our first full day in Portugal, and what better way to be introduced to the city and to the local way of life than to take a food tour with Taste Porto. Our guide, Andre, is one of the owners of Taste Porto […]

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Antipasto platter

A Progressive Dinner in Florence

Florence has always had a place in my heart. It is one of my favourite Italian cities. I can trace this back to the many fabulous meals we have had in the city over the years. It had been some time since we had last visited, so, in search of some quintessential Florentine food I reached […]

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Tasting our way through Prague

We love to learn about the food and culture of a city through a food tour. A whim and cheap air fares had found us arriving in Prague at very short notice. At least I’d had time to contact the fabulous people at Eating Europe and arrange a food tour of this city we knew […]

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Our 16 Highlights of 2016

2016 was another great year of travel. Any year that I can spend time in Europe is always a good year. At the beginning of the year we had no plans in place but that soon changed. Join me as I belatedly look back on our four months away and the places we visited that make up […]

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