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A Taste of the Bosphorus.

The grey and overcast sky looked ominous and, just as we started to walk towards our breakfast stop in Beşiktaş, the heavens opened. It was going to be a wet walking tour…. But nothing was going to stop us. The streets of Beşiktaş may have been a bit more deserted than was usual for a […]

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The Natural Beauty of Kalbarri

With river gorges carved by the meandering ways of the Murchison River and dramatic coastal cliffs, the natural beauty of Kalbarri varies dramatically. Where the river meets the ocean, the town of Kalbarri thrives as a year round holiday centre and as the centre of the Kalbarri National Park that protects these two vastly different landscapes. […]

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9 Things to do on the Island of Vis

  In a previous post I introduced you to Vis: The Best island in Croatia. Vis may be the most distant of the Croatian Islands but it is definitely worth the two hour travelling time to get there. It’s a perfect island escape for lazy days on the beach but if you’re looking for things to do, […]

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A Taste of Croatia: Hib Cake from Vis

As you drive around the island of Vis, you notice fig trees growing everywhere. For a fig lover like me it’s paradise but unfortunately it wasn’t fig season when we were on the island! Thanks heavens I found an excellent substitute……hib cake.   Hib cake is a traditional fig cake from Vis. It is made from a mixture of chopped dried […]

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