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Broome’s Famous Camels

You’ve escaped to Broome, checked out the town and had sunset drinks on the beach, so now it’s time to take a camel ride on Cable Beach! Twice a day, Broome’s camel teams head here to wait for their riders. Everything looks peaceful on the beach as the camels wait but it hasn’t always been […]

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Sunset Drinks on Cable Beach

I’m in heaven! I’m sitting on Cable Beach in Broome, champagne in hand and watching an amazing sunset. Every evening about 5pm, everyone heads to Cable Beach to watch the sunset. Take the car and find a spot on the beach, bring a rug and picnic on the grass overlooking the beach, find a seat […]

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Escape to Broome

The annual winter migration to Broome starts around the end of May. Grey nomads pulling large caravans head north only to return when the weather starts to get too hot. We joined the exodus last month and spent a fabulous week staying with friends in the warmth and sunshine of Broome. Two and a half […]

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