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6 Fun Melbourne Restaurants

Melbourne is often considered the restaurant capital of Australia though I’m sure that many Sydneysiders would argue this! The popular Melbourne restaurants are booked weeks in advance especially for Friday and Saturday night dining so unless you want to eat at 6 pm (which we had to on a couple of occasions) make sure you […]

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A Weekend in Marysville

Looking for the perfect weekend escape from Melbourne? I’ve found it… Marysville! Here you can enjoy beautiful walks in the bush, catch a fish or two, relax with a game of golf or just taste the fabulous food and wine of the area. Marysville is back! The community that was destroyed on Feb 7th, 2009 by […]

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Sunday Snapshot: Melbourne

  The hidden and not so hidden alleyways of Melbourne are home to an ever changing display of street art. These open air galleries have become a popular attraction in Melbourne. In the city, Hosier Lane is one of the best places to go but wander through the inner suburbs of Melbourne and you will […]

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The Beauty of Melbourne’s Notorious Weather

Melbourne’s weather is notorious. The best advice you can give someone is to be prepared for all four seasons in the one day. It’s warm and the sun may be shining but an hour later, it’s all changed. The weather has turned and it is now cold and wet but don’t worry, the sun may […]

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