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A Culinary Backstreets Food Tour in Athens

Food, glorious, food….I’m always in search of local food and if you don’t know a city, one of the best ways to find the places to go is to join a food tour. So when Jo from Frugal First Class Travel asked if I’d like to join her and Vanessa from Turnipseed Travel on a Culinary Backstreets food tour […]

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A Taste of Mykonos: Kiki’s Tavern

Today I am starting a new series, A Taste of ……. which will highlight some of the delicious food we have eaten on our travels. The focus could be on a particular dish or on a local cafe. As with today’s post, it could also be a fabulous restaurant we visited. Join me each week as […]

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Exploring Athen’s Bustling Central Market

Athen’s Central Market is a hive of activity. From early morning to late afternoon, this bustling market is a window on everyday life in the city. Also known as the Varvakios Agora, Athen’s Central Market has been part of the city’s history for a long time. It was rebuilt on this site in 1886 after fire destroyed […]

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Sunset in Santorini

Watching the sun set in Santorini is often mentioned on many people’s wish lists. You can picture yourself, glass in hand, sitting back, relaxing as the sun fades for another day. It was nearly time for the golden hour. We wandered slowly towards the sun, lost in the charm of the streets and the magnificent […]

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Modern Art on the Water

It was midnight and we were quietly sipping daiquiris in an outdoor bar in Spetses when we received the message…you have to come and look at this boat. Leaving our drinks on the table under the watchful eye of the owner we raced around the corner to be greeted by the sight of an unbelievable […]

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