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Exploring Wadi Rum

Would many people know about Wadi Rum if it wasn’t for Lawrence of Arabia…the man and the movie! I’m sure we would…stunning landscapes do not stay hidden for long! This amazing area of Jordan, about 3.5 hours from Amman looks like a moonscape. Sandstone walls and endless sand dunes create a magnificent picture. The further you […]

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Where to go in Jordan

Whenever Jordan is mentioned, everyone immediately thinks of Petra but there is more to Jordan than Petra. Just lately I have had a rush of people asking where they should go in Jordan so here are my suggestions…. Amman More than likely, you will fly into Amman but don’t race off. Stay and explore. Start […]

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Jordan: The Ottoman Town of Salt

A visit to Salt is a step back in time. This old historic town, about 30 minutes from Amman, was the administrative capital of Jordan during the time of the Ottomans. Salt thrived because of its trade networks in the late 19th and early 20th centuries but when Amman was chosen as the new capital of […]

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The Children of Jordan’s Al-Amir Village.

Whilst our prime reason to be in Al-Amir village was to meet and help the women of the Iraq Al-Amir Women’s Co-Operative Society, in any way we could, it was the children of the village that stole our hearts! Word seemed to spread quickly that we had arrived and whenever we came and went from […]

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