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A Taste of the Bosphorus.

The grey and overcast sky looked ominous and, just as we started to walk towards our breakfast stop in Beşiktaş, the heavens opened. It was going to be a wet walking tour…. But nothing was going to stop us. The streets of Beşiktaş may have been a bit more deserted than was usual for a […]

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Istanbul’s Shoe Shine Scam

You see them dotted over the city, sitting on small stools on the path, old wood and brass shoe shine stands at their feet, waiting…waiting for you to decide that your dusty shoes need a polish! They are good at their job. If you do stop, your shoes will be polished to perfection…you’ll be able […]

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Your Guide to Istanbul: What to do

Istanbul is one of my favourite cities in the world. I love the mix of old and new, the traditional and the trendy. It is a city of three parts. The historic Sultanahmet on one side of the Golden Horn, the fun European side of Beyoğlu and its many suburbs on the other and the Asian […]

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